The Royal Society of Marine Artists - Celebrating the Sea
Call for entries 2015 - Submit work to the 2015 RSMA exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London - Apply online 6th April to 10th July 2015

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Celebrating the Sea - Exhibition at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery 7th March to 18th April 2015

2014 - RSMA exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London

Review of the 2014 RSMA exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London

The Royal Society of Marine Artists

The Royal Society of Marine Artists is the focal point for much of Britain's finest contemporary marine art, and many of the country's leading marine artists are elected Members of the Society.

This country is an island nation with a proud maritime heritage. The coastline of Britain and its principal islands measures some 19,400 miles, presenting a wide variety of often spectacular scenery.

The sea is part of who we are as a nation. It is this heritage and this environment that we aim to celebrate.

Whilst much of our work is representational in the broadest sense, our styles, choice of subject matter and painting medium vary enormously. Some of our Members specialise in thoroughly researched historical subjects, others capture the thrill of modern yacht racing; some enjoy muddy creeks and quiet harbours, others find beauty in super-tankers and cargo vessels; some find inspiration on the deep sea, others explore what's under the sea.

But no matter what we paint, or in what style, no matter whether we paint en plein-air or in the studio, the sea is always our main source of inspiration.

News from the RSMA

Introducing our five new members

Gareth Brown ARSMA

Gareth works mainly in oil on board, producing bold, contemporary images of found objects. His work reflects his love of colour, texture, shape and form. Born in Pontypool, he now lives in East Anglia.

Gareth Brown
Gareth Brown

Peter Cronin ARSMA

Although he does some alla prima work in oils, Peter is primarily a watercolourist as he enjoys the luminosity of the medium. His particular interest is in capturing the way the light falls across a landscape. He was born in South Wales, where he continues to live.

Peter Cronin
Peter Cronin

Tim Hall ARSMA

Born in 1964 into a family of artists, Tim completed a degree in Fine Art at Kingston Art College in 1989. He then worked in the art department of Shepperton and Pinewood film studios, whilst continuing his painting by undertaking commissions. He subsequently taught art for eight years before moving from Esher to Cornwall, where, in addition to his own painting, he runs painting holidays.

Tim Hall
Tim Hall

Gillian Roberts ARSMA

Currently Gillian works mainly in oils, painting marine and general landscapes both in the studio and on location. She describes her work as in the English Impressionist tradition. She was born, and continues to live, in Yorkshire.

Gillian Roberts
Gillian Roberts

John Stillman ARSMA

John works primarily in oils, concentrating on capturing light and atmosphere in his work. He was born in Surrey, where he continues to live.

John Stillman
John Stillman
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