Selected members works spread over four pages using the links below. Size (cm) shown below are for the painting plus frame.

Neck and Neck
"Neck and Neck"
Brian Jones
Oil, 76 x 92cm, NFS
Afternoon Beach At The Harbour End, Southwold
"Afternoon Beach at the Harbour End, Southwold"
Raymond Leech
Oil, 64 x 78cm, £1975
Along The Promenade, Southwold
"Along the Promenade, Southwold"
Raymond Leech
Oil, 38 x 46cm, £850
Doggy Walk, Aldeburgh
"Doggy Walk, Aldeburgh"
Raymond Leech
Oil, 39 x 45cm, £850
In from the Baltic
"In from the Baltic"
John Lines
Oil, 64 x 51cm, £1650
Timber for Wisbech
"Timber for Wisbech"
John Lines
Oil, 69 x 48cm, £1750
Yard Work
"Yard Work"
John Lines
Oil, 41 x 41cm, £950
Lamorna in Winter Sun
"Lamorna in Winter Sun (1993)"
Sheila Macleod Robertson
Oil, 48 x 64cm, NFS
Sunlight, Cadgwith
"Sunlight, Cadgwith"
Brian Mitchell
Oil, 48 x 52cm, £500
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Hauling the Trawl - Sidewinder Trawlers
"Hauling the Trawl - Sidewinder Trawlers"
Jenny Morgan
Oil, 71 x 91cm, £1950
Hoist the Flying Jib - The Candida
"Hoist the Flying Jib - The Candida"
Jenny Morgan
Oil, 57 x 77cm, £1850
Deal Foreshore, Kent
"Deal Foreshore, Kent"
Benjamin Mowll
Oil, 37 x 42cm, £980
Palazzi On The Grand Canal, Venice
"Palazzi on ohe Grand Canal, Venice"
Benjamin Mowll
Oil, 37 x 42cm, £980
Whitstable Harbour, Dusk
"Whitstable Harbour, Dusk"
Benjamin Mowll
Oil, 37 x 42cm, £980
Cliff In Late Afternoon Sun, Thornwick Bay
"Cliff in Late Afternoon Sun, Thornwick Bay"
Bruce Mulcahy
Gouache, 33 x 41cm, £400
Line Of Boats, Staithes
"Line of Boats, Staithes"
Bruce Mulcahy
Gouache, 52 x 62cm, £750
Whitby Marina, Summer
"Whitby Marina, Summer"
Bruce Mulcahy
Gouache, 60 x 67cm, £900
H.M. Sloop Peterel, Capt. Francis Austin, In Action
"H.M. Sloop Peterel, Capt. Francis Austin, in Action"
Mark Myers
Watercolour, 55 x 73cm, £2350
Night Passage Down Channel
"Night Passage Down Channel"
Mark Myers
Watercolour, 41 x 51cm, £975
The Appledore Lifeboat - Jane Hannah MacDonald
"The Appledore Lifeboat - Jane Hannah MacDonald"
Mark Myers
Watercolour, 41 x 51cm, £975
The Last Light of Day
"The Last Light of Day (2002)"
Edman O'Aivazian
Oil, 60 x 86cm, £8400
View all the artwork by members and non-mambers on the Mall Galleries website
A Glorious Day, Polly Joke
"A Glorious Day, Polly Joke"
Duncan Palmer
Oil, 88 x 88cm, £2395
Contemplation, Bantham
"Contemplation, Bantham"
Duncan Palmer
Oil, 71 x 71cm, £1995
Crashing Waves, Church Cove
"Crashing Waves, Church Cove"
Duncan Palmer
Oil, 51 x 112cm, £2295
Below The Needles
"Below the Needles"
Barry Peckham
Oil, 32 x 43cm, £445
Inner Harbour St.Ives
"Inner Harbour St.Ives"
Barry Peckham
Oil, 32 x 42cm, £395
Rising Tide, Staithes
"Rising Tide, Staithes"
Barry Peckham
Oil, 35 x 43cm, £460
Keith Richens
Oil, 59 x 64cm, £2995
Sea Cliffs, Staithes
"Sea Cliffs, Staithes"
Gillian Roberts
Oil, 29 x 34cm, £600
The River Blythe at Walberswick
"The River Blythe at Walberswick"
Gillian Roberts
Oil, 58 x 63cm, £900
Whitby Harbour Entrance
"Whitby Harbour Entrance"
Gillian Roberts
Oil, 42 x 52cm, £700
PLA Tug Placard In Dry Dock, Tilbury
"PLA Tug Placard in Dry Dock, Tilbury"
Alan Runagall
Watercolour, 33 x 40cm, £495
Ship Unloading, Gravesend
"Ship Unloading, Gravesend"
Alan Runagall
Watercolour, 43 x 53cm, £650
The Thames At Tilbury
"The Thames at Tilbury"
Alan Runagall
Watercolour, 57 x 71cm, £825

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