Selected members works spread over four pages using the links below. Size (cm) shown below are for the painting plus frame.

Down To The Sea
"Down to the Sea"
Michael Salt
Oil, 76 x 76cm, £1800
Ebbtide Groynes
"Ebbtide Groynes"
Michael Salt
Oil, 66 x 76cm, £1600
Towards Whitby
"Towards Whitby"
Michael Salt
Oil, 76 x 76cm, £1800
Following In The Wake
"Following in the Wake"
John Scott Martin
Oil, 60 x 60cm, £1500
Going Down River
"Going Down River"
John Scott Martin
Linocut (edition of 18, 4 available), 67 x 66cm, £675
Racing Hard
"Racing Hard"
John Scott Martin
Oil, 64 x 74cm, £2500
Cliff Edge
"Cliff Edge"
Elizabeth Smith
Pastel, 49 x 47cm, £650
Red Cliffs
"Red Cliffs"
Elizabeth Smith
Pastel, 55 x 51cm, £675
Towards Hartland Point, North Devon
"Towards Hartland Point, North Devon"
Elizabeth Smith
Pastel, 49 x 47cm, £650
The Western Isles
A busy Pair
"A busy pair"
Nicholas St John Rosse
Oil, 30 x 40cm, £685
Red Ball or Blue Ball?
"Red Ball or Blue Ball?"
Nicholas St John Rosse
Oil, 50 x 60cm, £1750
Walking on a Cornish cliff
"Walking on a Cornish Cliff"
Nicholas St John Rosse
Oil, 60 x 76cm, £3000
Bathers and Breakers
"Bathers and Breakers"
John Stillman
Oil, 26 x 29cm, £525
Evening on the Solent
"Evening on the Solent"
John Stillman
Oil, 53 x 63cm, £1500
Little Red Fishing Boat, Mevagissey
"Little Red Fishing Boat, Mevagissey"
John Stillman
Oil, 29 x 36cm, £725
Cottages by the Sea, Lynmouth
"Cottages by the Sea, Lynmouth"
Haidee-Jo Summers
Oil, 40 x 48cm, £895
Incoming Tide at Bosham Quay
"Incoming Tide at Bosham Quay"
Haidee-Jo Summers
Oil, 43 x 53cm, £895
Morning Mist Burning Off, Staithes
"Morning Mist Burning Off, Staithes"
Haidee-Jo Summers
Oil, 46 x 51cm, £1050
A Breezey Day
"A Breezey Day"
Martin Swan
Oil, 45 x 40cm, £500
Dawn Points
"Dawn Points"
Martin Swan
Oil, 55 x 55cm, £800
Yachts Racing At Harwich
"Yachts Racing at Harwich"
Martin Swan
Oil, 45 x 55cm, £600
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Across The Dunes
"Across the Dunes"
Karl Terry
Oil, 55 x 65cm, £1750
Boats And Wildflowers
"Boats and Wildflowers"
Karl Terry
Oil, 55 x 75cm, £1750
Heading Home
"Heading Home"
Karl Terry
Oil, 75 x 95cm, £2780
Ebb reveals, flow conceals
"Ebb reveals, flow conceals"
Deborah Walker
Watercolour, 79 x 129cm, £4200
Little Boat
"Little Boat"
Deborah Walker
Watercolour, 36 x 35cm, £950
Old Harry
"Old Harry"
Deborah Walker
Watercolour, 45 x 54cm, £1400
Fiskado, Kefalonia
"Fiskado, Kefalonia"
John Walsom
Oil, 76 x 91cm, £3200
Flushing, Cornwall
"Flushing, Cornwall"
John Walsom
Oil, 76 x 91cm, £3200
Mylor Yacht Harbour, Low Tide
"Mylor Yacht Harbour, Low Tide"
John Walsom
Oil, 84 x 114cm, £3400
Building a Liberty Ship
"Building a Liberty Ship"
Tony Williams
Oil, 77 x 97cm, £3850
The Ghosts Steel at John Browns
"The Ghosts Steel at John Browns"
Tony Williams
Oil, 68 x 75cm, £4250
The Ghosts of John Browns
"The Ghosts of John Browns"
Tony Williams
Oil, 76 x 82, £4500
Inner Harbour Honfleur
"Inner Harbour Honfleur"
Bert Wright
Watercolour, 53 x 65cm, £850
Lyme Regis from Cobb Harbour
"Lyme Regis from Cobb Harbour"
Bert Wright
Watercolour, 86 x 101cm, £1100
Strand on the Green
"Strand on the Green"
Bert Wright
Watercolour, 43 x 53cm, £750

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