Below are listed the current members of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

Where available, links have be provided to external sites where more information regarding each artist is available.

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Current Officers

Elizabeth Smith PRSMA

Hon. Treasurer:
Bruce Mulcahy RSMA

Martin Swan VPRSMA

Hon. Secretary:
Margaret Heath RSMA

Paul Banning RSMA, RI, AROI

Paul Banning

Peter Barker RSMA

Peter Barker

James Bartholomew RSMA

James Bartholomew

Fred Beckett RSMA, FROI, Hon. RI, Hon. RBA

Fred Beckett

Wendy Borello RSMA

Wendy Borello

Robert Brindley RSMA

Robert Brindley

Gareth Brown RSMA

Gareth Brown

Alistair Butt RSMA

Alistair Butt
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